Key Club Spotlight

Lindsay Cook, Reporter

Key Club is an internationally recognized service group that has been led and run by students since 1925. Taylorsville’s Key Club often has upwards of 60 members every year. Some of the larger upcoming service projects for the new school year include trick or treating for UNICEF, a Fun Run, and the school’s semi-yearly blood drive for the Red Cross.

Key Club’s official website states that “Key Club members become more effective and confident members of their communities as they serve and learn that they can influence real social challenges, problems, and needs.”

Club members meet on Tuesdays in room I206 for club meetings and short service projects at rest homes, food banks, and others.

Because of Key Club’s international reach and involvement with Kiwanis, an international service organization for those 18 and older, scholarships are readily available for those who are active in the club. In fact, involvement in service is considered to be beneficial when applying for colleges, and there are many service-based scholarship applications for which being a Key Clubber makes possible. Because of the smaller group size, Key Clubbers can also frequently become involved at the district level.

Landon Nichols, the Lieutenant Governor for Key Club over Taylorsville High School, said “We are, at heart, a community service organization. We’ll do anything from building to quilting, to just visiting people to make them feel better. It’s really just an organization to help people, and it’s all student-run, which is what astounds me.”

Alongside community service, students can participate in division and international conventions, including the upcoming District Convention and Leadership Conference (DCLC) in Logan, UT during the 1st and 2nd of March. Students can use these opportunities to help their community and hone their leadership skills.  

Thahn Le, the Key Club treasurer, said, “Key Club can expand your social life and also give you a feeling of success. Through real work, you can see the impact it has on the community. Take a chance and come see what the key club [sic] really does.”