AVID helps students graduate


Aliyah Rangel, Reporter

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. The individual is a big part of AVID and is why students are taught skills on how to study individually with tools that help to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Most think AVID is a class to help those who don’t understand their classes or struggle. In reality, the class is a college prep course and is helpful to those who aspire to go to college and further their education.

Some AVID tips and tools that come in handy for students during their high school careers like Cornell notes, tutorials-which can just be a group of friends that are struggling as well and college research. Even students who don’t participate in the AVID program can use these tools to help with the curriculum.

“I like to take Cornell Notes in my classes so that I can refer to them later when doing homework or studying,” said senior Tiana Otu.

Cornell Notes are a different format of notes that allow students to ask questions and have the answers right beside it. Cornell notes are a great source for studying and reflecting.

According to an article on the Educational Connections Tutoring website, Allison Clark states that Cornell Notes were her key to better grades, easier study habits and feeling confident when taking a test.

Clark went from having a 3.4 GPA in her freshman year to a 3.9 in her sophomore year. The longer the Cornell Note process was Clark became more confident in taking AP classes towards the senior year. As she continued her Cornell Note habit she graduated with honors senior year.

Tutorials are small groups sessions including a tutor who can help guide the conversation. Tutorials are an essential piece that comes with AVID. Tutorials help to push one another’s thinking process; because of the fact that the tutors or group participants do not give out the answer but guide the presenter to the answer with questions and notes.

“I always look forward to tutorials when coming to class because they help me to better understand my topic and help me to improve grades and test scores”, said senior Siaosi Heimuli. Heimuli is this year’s AVID president and is such a great source to AVID information.

Requirements of AVID don’t have high standards. In order for a student to join they should maintain at least a 3.0 GPA, take honors, AP, or CC class-as long as there is a challenge- and join at the latest a sophomore. During junior year students are not allowed to join AVID because the course follows certain steps in criteria.

   If a student is interested in joining the AVID course they can talk to their counselor about the requirements and what courses to look in to. A student may also talk to one of the AVID teachers who are Mrs. Prebble, Mrs. Borrowman, or Mr. Mcleran about admission requirements.