Welcome to Taylorsville; Meet the SBOs

S.B. Johnson, Editor


The first thing you should know in highschool is where your classes are and who in the school is going to know what’s going on. Our SBOs are in the know. They are a very significant part of the way Taylorsville High school works, when dances are, upcoming activities. Our SBOs are not only SBOs though. They are also students and teenagers. With this introduction you will get to know who they are, their jobs on student council, and what they are like outside of their positions.

Corben cox:
SBO President
A member of the vegetarian community
Speaks fluent Spanish
Wants to be an astronaut
Really likes to garden

Caitlin Bone

Vice president
Was on the swim team
Love to scrapbook
She is taking CNA and pharmacy tech

Janet Lopez
SBO Secretary
Likes to make new friends and be super social
Loves to put a smile on someone’s face
Likes to party (don’t be shy if she comes up to you and hypes you up at a stomp)
Loves to have fun
Fluent in Spanish

Linh Ngo
She is super friendly
Doesn’t smile a lot
Wants people to be social with her

Caidence Openshaw
SBO Historian
Documents everything
Biggest Disney fan you’ll ever meet
Loves every color
You can tell her anything because she is an amazing listener

Kaitlyn Hansen
SBO Art Director
Hates cantaloupe
The smell of lavender makes her nauseous
Her favorite animal is the sea lion
Draws a lot

Cameron Stewart
SBO Activities Director

Burps a lot
A star wars fanatic
Loves yogurt
Loves orange juice

Kevin Bautista
Senior Class President
Gives great advice
Very funny

Marina de Souza
SBO Tech
Speaks Portuguese
Loves the theater department and is sometimes the stage manager
Major Marvel Geek

Loves to dance but is shy so she prefers t dance in her room