Welcome to Highschool: Homecoming Week


S.B. Johnson, Editor

Every year, unless it’s a pandemic, we have a themed week leading up to the Homecoming game, assembly, and dance. It’s a big part of the high school experience and is so much fun being part of the themes and competitions is all worth it.  

The Week Of

The week of Homecoming, also referred to as hoco, is a very fun week of themed days and activities. The annual powderpuff game is when the female students play football and the male students cheer. This year we did a drill and cheer powder puff with lots of our football players as cheerleaders on the sidelines. We had dress-up days such as twin day and comfy clothes day. Every year Taylorsville loves to celebrate Homecoming week like a giant party. 

The Assembly

The assembly consists of fun games, competitions, and performances. Performances from drill, cheer, and dance co are traditions for this assembly. The mystery dates are too. Winning a date is a fun way to convince yourself to go to the dance later on in the week. The assembly is like an opener for the Homecoming weekend. 

The Game

Our Homecoming game was against Granger this year. Even though we lost school, morale was high. The sheer amount of students at this game versus the past games was incredible. 

The Dance

The entire week leads up to our dance. So many bodies and dancing. Lots of students recommended songs too. It’s the final part of Homecoming week. The grand finale but also the kick-off for the school year 2021-2022. For the Seniors, it is the start of the end but hey let’s dance it out to the YMCA (courtesy of Mr. Curtis). The dance is fun and everyone feeds off of everyone else’s energy. The dancing, the energy, and the vibes are immaculate.  

Taylorsville high school homecoming week has officially come to an end. Now it’s just another day another week. But hey Saidie’s is coming up so look forward to that.