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Tvilles Burning Questions

Tville’s Burning Questions

Morgan Thompson, Editor January 24, 2023

Top row from left to right: Medley Booth, Carter Chatelain, Gideon Lemon, Xander Stensrud; middle row from left to right: Samantha Seaman, Gracie Hirschi, Madison Stensrud, Brigham Booth, Austyn Tarrant, Preston Cox; bottom row from left to right: Grace Dalton, Paige Sutherland, Abbie Walker

Anastasia: looking behind the scenes

Morgan Thompson, Editor December 20, 2022

Just over a month ago, Taylorsville High School’s theater department put on one of our biggest musicals yet: Anastasia. The musical was magical to anyone who went and saw it, but there is much more to...

Reviewing Taylor Swifts Midnights

Reviewing Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’

Morgan Thompson, Editor November 10, 2022

Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, Midnights, was released just a few weeks ago on Friday, October 21. Opinions on this new album have been very controversial; some say it is their new favorite album...

A sneak peak inside the warrior wellness center

Introducing Taylorsville’s wellness center

Morgan Thompson, Editor October 18, 2022

Many students will remember our Warrior Wellness Center from the last school year in Relocatable 9. In the wellness center snacks were provided to students, as well as one of our school social workers...

Lily Hood, Tammy Phung, Ratanak Ung, and Shaelyn Openshaw in some of their favorite outfits.

Trending styles this school year

Morgan Thompson, Editor September 20, 2022

In 2022, so many styles are rising in popularity, especially in our high school. Anything from grunge to softer styles can be seen in the hallways. But why do certain people gravitate towards these certain...

The Warrior Wordle

Morgan Thompson, Editor May 11, 2022

Imagine wordle... but everything Tville! The new Warrior Wordle can be found on the Warrior Ledger and will be updated daily. Let us know you're stats by tagging @warriorledger! Have ideas for words?...

Top row from left to right: Sam Stromberg, Reed Miles, Caleb Booth, Jacob Lee; Bottom row from left to right: Tucker Crapo, Nathan Bingham, Brandon Sorensen, Jonathan Sampson

Meeting our Bass and Baritone Madrigals

Morgan Thompson, Editor April 27, 2022

As the school year comes to an end, everyone is preparing to say goodbye to the 2021-2022 Madrigals. They have all enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience and have soaked up every moment it has lasted....

Top row from left to right: Brendan Christensen, Wesley Hardy, Henrie Holder; Bottom row from left to right: Nathanael Jones, Charles Degraffenreid, Brigham Dalton

Getting to know our Tenor Madrigals

Morgan Thompson, Editor April 11, 2022

Being a Madrigal has benefited every one of them for the better. Both in their talents and their high school experience. “People assume I can play the piano or name random notes they sing, dude I can’t...

Top row from left to right: Caroline Wilkinson, Tori Tye, Abbie Andersen, Camila Cordova; Bottom row from left to right: Alyssa Skinner, SheylaMay Rico, Tofi Nonu, Sarah Sanchez

Taylorsville’s Alto Madrigals

Morgan Thompson, Editor March 14, 2022

Our Madrigals are continuing to power through endless performances and busy schedules, all while growing closer to one another in the process. “Going into Mads, I feel a weight coming off my shoulders,”...

Top row from left to right: Naomi Shieving, Avery Hasler, Kalie Manning, Breanne Bessette; Bottom row from left to right: Gabriela Lara, Emma Brown, Sariah Angeles, Ashely Hymas

Introducing our Madrigal Sopranos

Morgan Thompson, Editor March 7, 2022

Our Madrigals have worked so hard this year trying to battle struggles coming from the Covid-19 pandemic, recovering from the chaos of last year’s delayed performances, and juggling everything else in...

Taylorsvilles Senior Chirons

Taylorsville’s Senior Chirons

Morgan Thompson, Editor February 4, 2022

Our Taylorsville Chiron’s have been doing an amazing job this season, winning 3rd in show in their latest competition, as well as 4th in dance and military. They continue to work their hardest as they...

Novembers #showyoucare challenge

November’s #showyoucare challenge

Morgan Thompson, Editor December 8, 2021

The issues this school year just seem to be coming one after another. On top of 600 more students, Covid-19, adding an extra relocatable to our school, traffic, and parking trouble, Taylorsville High School...

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