Cheerleaders take pride in their team

Cheerleaders take pride in their team

Jesse Vigil, Sports Editor

Our cheerleaders have improved greatly over the past couple of years. From the 2013-14 school year until now the difference is coaches Jim and Kim Glaspie. The new coaches have brought out the best attitudes towards cheer from the ladies as well as the rest of the                                                                                                                                             student body. The coaches can’t do it all however, the enthusiasm, talent and hard work from the  ladies on the team have made the biggest difference.

“I never thought I would join the team after my sophomore year.” Says Kaitlyn Glaspie. She’s glad she did now however because of the friends she’s made and the state championship they have under their belt.

“With a group that big you would expect it to be impossible to not butt heads, but really we all get along really well. I feel like at any point I could call any of the girls and they would be willing to help me with anything,” said Sara Roundtree, a senior who has been on the team since sophomore year.

That shows that the cheerleaders take pride in their team chemistry and getting along with all of the girls that they are going to be around all the time whether they like them or not.The girls not only get along with each other as a team, but are also kind to other teams around the school and support all of them without complaints.

As previously mentioned, the team recently won the state title on Saturday, January 30th and look to take on one more competition in state on March 5th before they are off to California for nationals. Nationals take place in California starting on March 18th and lasting through the 20th.

The cheerleaders also have been seeing more support from the other teams they work so hard to cheer for. Teams are now going to support the cheerleaders more and more as they prove they have what it takes to compete on the big stages with other cheerleaders in the state of Utah as well as others around the country.