The Rise of the Warriors

Brinly Johnson, Editor

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be”. – Khalil Gibran

Taylorsville High School has not been known for its success in football in past seasons. They were not winning or gotten close to a regional title since 2013. The 2017-2018 season was their last with any memorable wins, until now. The Warriors have started their 2022-2023 season 2-0, which hasn’t happened in 5 years. The spark has been lit within our warriors, creating an exceptional comeback.

  This monumental amount of change started with beginning their weight training in early February. Though having a head start on training is significant in enhancing their skills, Chris Rosales, simply known as Coach Rozy, wanted to change every aspect of what was. Coach Rozy wanted to change the culture, beginning in the classroom. “…having the confidence in the classroom you can see that same confidence trickling down into the football field…”. Ingraining this mantra into the team has raised the overall GPA from 2.7 to 3.1 GPA, more than what they need to be able to play. 

The next step they needed to take towards progress was changing the relationship between the team. Phenix Mira, a senior on the team, said “We’ve become a brotherhood, not enemies.” Through time spent together and activities meant for bonding, the team has warmed to each other allowing them to work together. From strengthening the team bond, the commitment from each player has increased. “…I can confidently say 85% of the kids on the team have been here since then, which is a huge jump in numbers compared to last seasons” Coach Rozy said when asked about their biggest changes this season. 

Responsibility was the most commonly used word when asking two other members of the team, Dontae Walton and Talon Brady, what the biggest change in the team was. “Taking more responsibility and being more reliable.” Taking on the responsibility of being on a team was one of the biggest setbacks the team had in years past. Through time spent together and hours put towards the team, they have learned the true responsibility of being there for each other. Learning what being a team truly is, a family. 

The Warriors are doing what hasn’t been done in years for football. Winning their first game since 2020, starting their season 2-0, and winning back-to-back games. They have increased the overall score of 0-9 from last season to an incredible 2-5. The team has completely changed the culture and shown strides toward progress. “Change is never easy and this team has been taking the ups and downs in strides to make this culture better than it has been before.”

The Taylorsville High School football team truly embodies the famous quote from a beloved Friday Night Lights character Coach Taylor, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”