Track and Field Senior Profiles


Camorah Sillito, Editor

Spring sports have begun, meaning that track and field is starting up again. The track and field team have welcomed the new freshman and are sadly having to say goodbye to their seniors at the end of the season. The team has had a pretty good season so far, but it has been bittersweet for the seniors. Let’s see what the track and field seniors have to say about this being their final high school season and what their plans are for themselves after graduation. 

Roshawne Burgher 

“I chose track and field because my mom did it and most of my family members did it,” says Roshawne Burgher. He competes in many different events in track and field, such as the 4×100, the high jump, and the long jump. He states, “My favorite part is the memories we get from winning an event together like the 4×100.” Burgher does want to continue to do track and field in college. He plans on starting off as a wildland firefighter and then continuing on to becoming a structure firefighter.


Sam Duncan 

Sam Duncan joined track and field mainly because he had friends in it, but also to continue to be a part of a sport. When asked what his favorite part of track and field was, Duncan stated, “Hanging out with friends is definitely fun and just being able to work out and run, I think it’s really fun.” Duncan doesn’t plan on continuing track and field after high school, stating that it’s just a fun opportunity to keep himself busy. He does plan on serving an LDS mission and attending Brigham Young University. 

Andersun Ochea

Andersun Ochea has been a part of track and field since last school year. He competes in  many different areas in track and field. He states that he chose to do track and field because he’s played every other sport in the past and likes how there’s many different things you can do within track. “I would say my favorite part is the team. I feel like with track, whatever work you put in, you really get it back” he says. Ochea wants to pursue track at Utah Valley University and plans on serving an LDS mission. 

Ethan Tucker 

Track and field has been something that Ethan Tucker has been doing since 7th grade, normally competing in the long jump and the relays. “It’s fun…it’s a really good environment and I just like running too,” says Tucker. He says that one of his favorite things about track and field is the practices because he gets to hang out with his friends. After high school, Tucker plans to serve his LDS mission and study architecture at the University of Utah.  

Overall, the track and field team have had a successful season thus far and will hopefully continue to do well. We’re excited to see what the future has in store for these seniors and wish them nothing but the best.