Baseball team batting for a home run 2016 season

Mckayla Philbrick, Reporter

The Taylorsville Warriors baseball team seems to have a bright season ahead of them. After many hours of practice the season has finally begun for 2016.

So far, the baseball team has won six games and lost an equal amount. The region is tough this year and it is going to be interesting to see what four teams are going to come out of it.

They won three out of four games during their trip to California at the end March including one against a top ten ranked team in the state of California. Although they looked good for the first three games, they dropped the last game before they returned home.   

“This year I have high hopes for us” says senior Eric Romero, a senior pitcher. “We have a lot of good arms on the mound and a lot of good defense behind us,” says Romero.

Not only is their pitching looking top notch, but they have a lineup that can hit from top to bottom. When watching these boys play, spectators can tell the team has something going for them.                                                                                                                                                                    

While their season may have not gotten off to the best start the boys are working hard to get up to par with the postseason in the front of their minds.

“A state championship this year is a very real goal for us, and we are working as a team to keep that mood steady throughout the whole season. Even though we know we have what it takes we have to focus on these games between now and then just as much.”