Girls’ soccer want to improve


Ruth Khan

The Girls’ Soccer Team practices at the school field for their upcoming games on September 27.

Arely Bustillos-Dominguez, Reporter

The girl’s soccer team only won one game last year.
“Are the girls going to do any better this year than last year?”
I spoke with a former player Laura Parra. I asked her,
“What has Coach George done differently this year to improve your fellow teammates?” she responded,
“ He is definitely having us work more as a team and his way to do that is to bring us closer to one another like a family to have that trust and support because the team last year lacked that a lot. The team last year would have a clique of the seniors only and the juniors had theirs, and so did the sophomores. which was quite unfair to one another because it did cause problems on the field and off the field. We don’t have diverse clicks anymore, we are united as one”
“Last year lots of the girls on the soccer team would agree that we were all a bit diverse from one another. They all had their own click which caused the trust issues. The trust issues definitely caused trouble on the field but, “Is that one of the reasons why the girl’s soccer team took many losses?” I would like to say no because we knew each other as a player not much personally.”
Anahi Lopez said, “George is changing the system of how we play. Last year, we didn’t get mercy ruled, but that’s due to the amazing Maizy Burbanks. She was an awesome goalkeeper and saved our butts most of the time. This year we have learned how to play as a unit and although we’ve lost some games we have shown our improvement as an entire team since last year.
Lopez said, “As team captain, I’ve talked to the four other captains and we decided that our goal for this year was to keep all the girls from giving up and send positive vibes only. We’ve lost many games but that only makes us want to get better for the next one and that’s what we’ve been doing. Our team’s chemistry is great! We love each other, now we just have to apply that on the field and end the season on a good note.”
Lopez asked herself, “Do I think we can come back from our loss ?” Definitely! Are we? We’ll just have to wait and see. I’d like to think we are. We’ve worked so hard the past few weeks and have shown major improvements with each game, so we’re hoping we can bring a win back home to share with all very soon.