Does Taylorsville need spirit?

Cheerleaders help cheer on the Taylorsville crowd in a game against East High School.

Calle Hansen, A&E Editor

He runs across the field, passing white line after white line, the other team trailing behind him as the crowd goes wild. He passes into the endzone, making a touchdown. There is not a single person in their seats, and the sound of the cheering is deafening.

School spirit has always been a competition when it comes to any sport, although some sports are more represented than others.

The National Federal High School Sports association says, “In addition to showing support for their school, high school students with “school spirit” perform better academically, are more engaged in social and civic matters, and are happier in general than their less-spirited peers.”

It is not hard to notice the amount of students that attend the football games compared to the attendance of other sports in season at the same time such as girl’s tennis and soccer or cross-country.
At the football and boy’s basketball games there is a designated student section. They chant the cheers with the cheer team, clapping there hands, and stomping their feet. We are all Warriors, and we should all support each other, as a community, and as a school.

Cheerleaders and the pep band are required to perform at every home football, and boy’s basketball games, but not any of the other sports.

Abbi Elison has been playing for the pep band for three years now says, “[the pep band] definitely helps people get excited. Especially when we play the fight song.”

Jordan Harvey, a junior has been on the Girl’s soccer team for almost two seasons now, and has seen how other schools show team spirit.

“They hyped it up a lot more. There were posters for games everywhere. There were always so many people there, like how many we have at football games it is crazy.”

Not one sport is more important than another, and they should be treated as equal. Each team trains as hard as they can to get ready for their games, and they should be rewarded with their fellow peers there to cheer them on.

The Hello Assembly showed great school spirit, as everyone cheered for their grade, and supported all the different groups that performed, like drill, cheer, dance co, the band, and choir, and more.

School spirit helps not only you but the team that you are supporting. Elison says, “[Supporting] helps people like the band, cheerleaders, and football players feel important, because what they do is important to them. Without the support of the student body it would all seem kind of pointless.”