Player Profile: Spencer Morgan


Dallen Cameron, Sports Editor

Junior Spencer Morgan competes with the wrestling team here at Taylorsville in the weight class of 145 lbs. Morgan has been wrestling since he was six years old. Morgan loves the sport of wrestling and it has made a positive effect on his life.

Athletes have very busy schedules. Schoolwork, a job and practice for the sport. It can become overwhelming at times.

Being a student athlete is a full-time job, it’s not easy, but Morgan says.“It is a little hard. If I work one day I try and get it done before work, but it depends on the time I go into work”

Coaches hold a place of respect and authority and want their athletes to perform to the level they know they can. Coaches place a lot of pressure on academic success for student athletes.

“A lot of pressure is on academic success.” Morgan says, “If you are failing or not doing well, you go to Berg’s room and make up work and you don’t practice with the team, that is your practice.”

Embarrassing moments happen all the time in sports, but people can just brush them off.

“Losing really bad or getting destroyed can be very embarrassing, but wrestlers don’t really have a lot of shame necessarily,” Morgan said.  

Everyone has a role model or hero they look up too. Everyone needs the motivation for greatness.

Morgan said, “In wrestling my uncles and my grandpa, they have taught me how to wrestle, they have always been good at wrestling. My grandpa has his right priorities, winning isn’t his top priority as long as I am having fun is his number one, he just always help me,” Morgan contines. “I just want to improve, I just want to win a bunch, but unfortunately that isn’t how it goes, and it’s okay to have to improve.”

Some of Spencer’s favorite things are: his favorite color is blue, favorite movie is Star Wars: Rogue One, favorite college team is BYU and professional teams are the Denver Broncos and the Jazz.

Wrestling isn’t the only extracurricular activity Morgan participates in Concert Choir.

Leah Tarrant Choir Director said “Having Spencer in my class is wonderful. He is always happy and has a great attitude”.