Player Profile Cole Nebeker


Diana Nguyen, Reporter

Junior, Cole Nebeker is on the baseball and basketball team here at Taylorsville High School. He is on our varsity and JV boys’ basketball team, Nebeker is our point guard.
He started playing basketball when he was eight years old. It all started because his dad wanted him to try out other sports. Nebeker wanted to play basketball with his friends and fell in love with the sport. He was also on the boys’ basketball team all 3 years in junior high at Eisenhower.
Nebeker said, “ If I wasn’t on the basketball team I would be less active and have nothing to do. Basketball fills up my schedule in a good way.”
The team has games almost twice a week from when the season starts. The boys’ basketball team has a class period just for them to condition. They also have practices after school and on Saturdays as well.
Nebeker has had friendships start because of basketball and has had friendships that lead on to them playing on the same team.
In the 2017-2018 season the boys’ basketball team’s record was 0-21. As of this season so far they are 2-2. On November 30 Taylorsville played against their rivals, Murray High School, which lead them to their second victory in the season so far.
“I understand that we aren’t the best but I know that we are definitely improving, despite that it is still fun playing with my teammates”, said Nebeker.
Nebeker hopes to go to LSU to continue his education and also to pursue baseball and basketball there.
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