Player Profile: McKenzie Green


Rayven Cann, Sports Editor

McKenzie Green dives into her senior year, and her third year on the Taylorsville High School swim team. Green’s dedication started when she was nine and has spent most of her life and her high school career as a swimmer.

Green’s passion began during a swim lesson when she was only three years old. “I got  into swimming because my parents signed me up for swimming lessons when I was three, and I loved it and joined a club team,” said Green.

Passion for swim isn’t the only reason that Green continues to swim. “Swimming has given me so much motivation both physically and academically. It helps me focus more in school and have a better memory. It’s given me a lot more self control and confidence as well,” said Green.

Swim has offered Green many opportunities and memories, including hopes to swim into her college years. More than a career and hobby, Green is thankful for what the swim team has offered her. “ I also have a lot of friends on the swim team, the member are all amazing and so supportive.”

Outside of the pool, Green can be found playing piano, reading, and crocheting. Green has an incredible thirst for knowledge and is working on learning guitar and Spanish. Just like all great Samaritans, Green has a great passion for helping her community especially when it comes to working with animals.

Green doesn’t just push herself in hobbies, on the team she has pushed herself to try her hardest. “I compete in the 500 freestyle, it’s the longest race available in swim meets, I also like backstroke,” said Green. Students can catch Greene competing at the upcoming meet at Olympus on the 21st.