Player Profile: Reason Robison


Wyatt Ward, Reporter

Sophomore Reason Robison is on the Varsity wrestling team this year. Returning for his fourth year. Robison has been on Varsity ever since he started in Jr. High. Reason has been wrestling since he was little. Often trying to wrestle with his brother or his dad. Reason started wrestling for a team in Jr. high for Bennion.

Robison is also interested in is skateboarding. He goes skating at skate parks on saturdays wherever he can find one. “I love skating and wrestling because of the challenge and having to learn new tricks and moves on both of those sports” says Robison. Robison love to do tournaments because of that challenge that he likes so much.

Robison has taken after his father and his brothers in wrestling. Trying to wrestle with them whenever and wherever he could. Wrestling with his family later convinced him to join wrestling.

Tournament wrestling is a big part of wrestling for Robison. Tournament wrestling is where you find out how good you are for your weight class in our region then our state. Robison in his last tournament placed 1st after wrestling 3 opponents.

Robison felt when he started like he was scared. But then later on he discovered it was not as bad as it seemed. After wrestling people in his weight class he found it fun and challenging. But the challenge is what reason loves so much about wrestling.

Reason Robison is looking forward after this season of wrestling to continue on in high school and maybe even one day for collage. “It would be awesome if I could get a scholarship in wrestling” says Robison.