Football Concussions


Diana Nguyen

Taylorsville High school during their game against West Jordan High School

A single concussion can cause major brain trauma that can lead to death. Concussions are when your head has an impact with an object like hitting your head on a pole.

When you hit your head your brain smashes against your skull because your brain is floating inside your head. When your brain collides with your skull it causes an internal bleed. Which causes your brain to react weirdly, with symptoms like such as memory loss or dizziness.

After talking about it I decided to interview my brother about the concussions he had. The first question I asked him was how did you feel after hitting your head really hard. Alex Vlamakis said “It felt really weird, like my head was really heavy all of a sudden.” I then proceeded to ask the next question saying did you remember anything during the game that happened after you hit your head. He kind of shrugged and stated “It was like a blur, I can’t remember anything that happened during the game. All I remember was leaving the game.”

Basketball is one of many sports that have the highest reports of concussions. Although basketball has the most concussions, football has proven to have more severe concussions.Some of the retired NFL players who have had a concussion in the past season affected them in the future. Which means that the brain trauma grew intensely which made the football players commit suicide.

The first person that came to mind who has had more than enough experience with football concussions is Coach Rodney Wells. Coach Wells is co-head coach with our schools football team and our main teacher for weight training.

Coach Wells said “I will eliminate little league football because, studies have shown the more little injuries you get to your head lead to bigger injuries down the road. So these little kids whose brains are not even close to be being developed are getting little hits everyday. They are being taught all the wrong things, and those little injuries as they get older lead to bigger injuries. If we eliminated little league football we would eliminate a lot of concussions as people get older. Teach them technique, teach them how to play but minus the contact.”

Coach Wells said “It hurt for a bit but It felt like a balloon but the balloon is really full. Your not thinking normally your not functioning normally even though you think you are,  your really not. Lights hurt and loud noises hurt and yeah, it’s just an uncomfortable thing.”

With all this being said maybe considering the training method to help prevent concussions in little league football is the right decision. Concussions can be very dangerous especially at a younger age.