Player Profile: Dane Leituala


Diana Nguyen, Reporter

Senior Dane Leituala is the school’s varsity quarterback. Leituala has been on the football team since he was a freshman in high school. Not only is he the starting quarterback this year but he has been the quarterback on the varsity team since freshman year.

Leituala has been playing football since he was six. He was born into football, started at a very young age with his dad and continued playing football with his oldest brother.

Leituala said, “Football is basically my life. If I’m not playing football, I am either sleeping or catching up on homework, but the majority of my day goes to football or school.”

While being on the varsity football team Leituala also plays other sports just for fun so all of his dedication goes into playing the sport he loves the most.

Being on the football team isn’t just a seasonal sport. they do practices all of the summer and when it’s too cold outside they are in the weight room, working on strength and conditioning.

He has a total of 7176 passing yards so far in his high school football career. 64 passing touchdowns and a total of 47 interceptions. Putting Leituala at number two in state for Total Career All- Purpose yards in Utah. With those statistics, Leituala has not been recruited yet, he is having some scouts look at him but he has not received any offers for football yet.

“It makes me feel down, but I just have to wait, maybe now isn’t the time for me to get an offer, but hopefully later I will,” said Leituala.

After high school, if he doesn’t get an offer for football, Leituala plans to  just go to college and walk on.