Player Profile: Suzanne Buttenob


Meghan Gavin, Reporter

Sports have been her life ever since she was young. Buttenob has done basketball, tennis, volleyball, cheer, and dance. She has been active from a very young age. At the age of just four years old she started dancing. She has done that all the way up to her senior year in high school at Taylorsville High. Even though she’s tried those other sports dance is her all time favorite.

As you can tell she enjoys trying new things. However dance is her passion that she will always pick over any of the other sports.

Buttenob now just dances, and plays golf for the high school. The main reason Buttenob started dancing was because her mom wanted her to. However she fell in love with it. Buttenob says there are pros and cons to dancing just like any other sport.

“Some of the cons of dancing are obviously injuries, because you don’t realize how much you like to dance until you can’t do it” says Buttenob. Buttenob addresses the drama “Honestly when girls don’t get along it makes it’s hard to practice it feels like a shady competitive environment between the girls who have drama. The other girls can see it and this just has a negative effect on everything.” She continues; “Being around girls for so long and not always getting along is completely normal” says Buttenob.

All in all she loves to dance, and be apart of the high school drill team. She loves performing at football games, and assemblies’. She loves the costumes and the team events that they do together like going to Disneyland.