Football may outweigh other sports


Zoee Anderson, Reporter

With football season in full swing, it conjures up the question of whether or not the funding of other high school sports is equal. It has come to the attention that schools direct their main focus on the football teams. Taylorsville High school bases most of the fundraisers and school events around the football team. Is this truly fair for the other sports teams? Should they get just as much hype and funding? 

Other ways to help fund or support the schools’ sports teams could just simply be doing some of the same events before football games at the home soccer games, tennis matches, etc. Car washes are popular for all schools to do to help raise money. Having car washes for all the sports would significantly boost the teams.  

“I believe that [school staff] know how much success comes from football games and how many students will attend. Hence why they put all their focus into football” said,  junior tennis player Lexie Huff. Football is an outstanding sport, but what about soccer, tennis, wrestling, etc.? Huff also adds that she is on the varsity tennis team, but doesn’t feel as subsidized as football; however is still grateful for the fans who show up. 

According to the Max Prep’s website, the football team’s current record is 2-5,  while the women’s tennis team’s season is drawing to a close and they remain undefeated. This is a little known fact among the student body. The girls have worked hard and created positive results on the court, but don’t receive the same recognition as the football team. Not to say the boys don’t work as hard, but they aren’t getting the same results yet still receive more funding. 

“We have an extraordinary football team here at Taylorsville High, from the sportsmanship to the love for playing the game, but I do believe some of the money we raise should go into other things,” said  Alex Smith, (real name withheld).  

Trying out for sports can be scary. Once you’ve made it you, of course, want your friends, family, dogs, aunts, and uncles to come and have fun. Football is the only sports team that has multiple events before the actual game such as tailgates, face painting, free food which is great, but then you go to a soccer game and they don’t have any of that and the student section is slim. 

Cheerleaders perform less at other games, mostly at football. “With the wrestlers, the only time I’ve ever seen the cheerleaders show up is for the last home meet, which is senior night”. said, former wrestler Brayden Fisher. 

“We are required to cheer at every football game,” said an anonymous cheerleader. She continues, “With the other sports it kind of just varies.” 

This also raises the question as to why the cheerleading team is required to perform at the football games, but not required to perform at other games. This could be a reflection of being biased.

Not to say that football is not an important sport because it is. The atmosphere at the games creates a strong school spirit and camaraderie. The goal is to lighten the shadow that football casts on the other sports.