Taylorsville football deals with downhill season


Junior Heimuli, Reporter


Taylorsville football has come to very bad ends meet to win games and struggle to find new head coaches. Linebacker Andre Amosa said, “It’s been really hard through everything we had to do in the summer, and being behind everyone. It was stressful with not having summer practices and not being able to do anything training-wise,” said Middle linebacker Andre Amosa. Joe Johnson joined the team as the new head coach, It’s been a rough start for him and the other coaches as they have struggled to win many games this year.

  “It’s been really tough for us to catch up with everyone and try to get connections and bonds with the new coaches. We have to come back together as one, then once that happens, we could come back and start winning some games” said running back Braxton Bates. 

With victory will come obstacles and losses, trials, they are striving to be better athletes every day and continue to believe, once they click it will be game over, with major talent on both sides of the ball, they are more than capable of taking state championships. 

Johnson has come in with full force and taken the team into his hands and has done positive things for the program. The future looks bright for Johnson and he needs to be looking forward, for the future and what they can look forward too. Despite many losses, Johnson has stayed positive through it all.

“I love my kids and they are all so talented and have determination with everything, that being winning games or even getting better every day at practices,” Johnson said. “The future looks bright for us and the games we will be winning will be earned and we are well aware of what needs to be done.” 

With great teams comes diversity and Taylorsville diversity helped them overcome a lot of losses and it brought a lot of attention from there 2 game win streak, and momentum creates a lot of opportunities for teams to get back up on their feet. Taylorsville football team being able to pull through a win against Granger puts momentum and gas into the team’s empty tank to force themselves to get more motivated and push each other through hardships and come out on top with. Young teams usually always have problems at first but with the new depth chart and underclassmen, Taylorsville will slowly work their way up as they will have more and more student-athletes each year, and it’ll be a positive for Johnson. 

“With all the numbers we have, we can do something really special with each other, but the work offseason will always have to be special, we need to gather each other up and be one again,” said Junior Quarterback Hamanii Wolfgram. 

Shocking Utah nation was his team’s dream, going to state and taking state championships, and even possibly trying to take regional championships this season and with there current record 2-2 in regional competition. it’s always been a problem with  Taylorsville always losing, and Johnson Reports to change that over the next few years. so the next question is when will Taylorsville losing culture change and start winning more games. “We just gotta keep pushing overall and keep our heads up, and just do what we can, the seasons not done yet and we are hoping for a championship”, said Starting Linebacker Junior Heimuli.