Girls’ soccer team aims for State


Rachel Prows

Miguella Evangelista kicks the ball down the field during a pre-season game on August 21.

Jesse Vigil, Reporter

The girls’ soccer team has been playing for a few weeks now since the beginning of their season. They play Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, usually at 3:30. The starting lineup for varsity consists of Mari Hasebi, Maizy Brubank, Autumn Jensen, Pania Clark, Marissa Croft, Steffanie, Missy, Alyssa, Ceami, Domicillia, and Aubre Bishop. They can usually be seen in the halls dressed in their uniforms on game days.

“We are second in region now and we are hoping to make the playoffs this year,” said Maizy Burbank, a sophomore on the team.

They take on the top two teams from each region and have a single elimination tournament to decide which team becomes the new State Champions.

“We work hard in practice because we know what is on the line, especially closing out the season.” says Mari Hasebi, a sophomore on the team.

The girls are hanging on to second place spot in region and are in a dogfight to qualify for state.

“We know that every possession counts and that we have to work hard to execute our game.” says Hasebi

The girls know that execution is crucial as they come down the final stretch of the season as they hold on to one of the two state qualifying spots in our region.

The final three games on their schedule are at Hillcrest, at Cottonwood, and at Hunter. If the girls win the remainder of their games they are guaranteed a spot in the state tournament which begins on October 14th.

“We are planning on making it to state, but once we qualify we are striving to win as well. We aren’t going to roll over and die in the first round.” says Burbank.

This shows that the lady warriors are not content with making it to state, but that they strive to be the best girls’ soccer team in 5A athletics region.